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Kenya Coffee

Inspired by the rolling savannah this coffee is elite & distinguished by nature. Delicately roasted with distinct acidity.

Coffee Kenya AA.jpg

Taste Profile:
Plum & Green Grape

Key Characteristics:
Low strength
Medium Roast
Single Origin Kenyan


One sachet per cup

Sachet size (Approx):  L130xW80

Contents (Approx): 65ml

Shelf Life: 1 year from production

Best before: Use within 6 months of purchase

Storage: Ambient

More about this coffee:
An elite AA grade Kenya bean gently roasted to capture its distinct acidity and grape notes due to its high altitude growing conditions. With flavours of sweet plum and grape, top notes of cider with a long fruity and tangy finish - it's easy to see why distinguished coffee drinkers choose our Kenya beans for drip filter and cafetière coffee. Truly magical as a cold brew coffee.

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