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The Finest
Coffee & Cakes
Delivered To Your Door

How Does It Work?

Subscribe to your chosen coffee profile and for every delivery we will pair up the perfect cakes.

Over time you will experience a range of sweet treats to accompany your coffee.

Plus, you can swap, pause or cancel your subscription anytime you like.

Discount of 55% on all subscriptions for 3 months on orders placed before the end of August 2023. Use Promo Code 230355

Want to try the coffee & cakes first?

Our Taster Selection Box will provide you with a sample of each of our coffees, plus a delightful selection of cakes.

How To Make Great Coffee Every Time.


V60 Filter

Moka Pot

But you can also use any other filter system of your choice to enjoy our delicious coffee.

What our customers say!

Andy Lochtie

The coffee and cakes went down very well in the office today.


Thanks so much.

Alan Wilson

My wife and I really enjoyed the coffee and cake from Birdie's.

The packaging was robust enough to survive being sent through the post but still looked classy on arrival. The contents inside were very well presented and gave a feeling of quality.

There were four sachets of ground coffee in the package and each sachet easily makes sufficient coffee for two people, or one person if you are a coffee addict like me!

We had the Kenya AA coffee which was very pleasant. My wife, who isn't a regular coffee drinker, really enjoyed the Kenya AA as a latte.

The cakes were very good. We had the granola and the chocolate bars. I particularly enjoyed the granola - very tasty and moreish. 

As I'm not a big fan of chocolate flavoured cake, we shared the chocolate bars with our son and his family - they enjoyed them.

Overall, very pleased indeed with the coffee and cake package and contents.

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