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Enjoy the very best coffee shop experience in your own home!

Our coffee and cake selection has been curated by our dedicated team to bring you the very best coffee shop experience in your own home. 

Each coffee and cake combination has been carefully selected to make sure that the cake flavour profile matches the coffee of your choice.

Visit our shop to start your experience today!

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In our shop you will find four fantastic coffee and cake subscription combinations

You will also find our superb "Experience Selection" as a treat for yourself or someone special

How To Make Great Coffee Every Time.



Top tip: A cafetiere is a quick and easy way to make great coffee.

V60 Filter

Top tip: The V60 enhances the flavour and aroma of our coffee consistently.

Moka Pot


Top tip: When using a Moka pot each sachet of coffee makes two cups of coffee giving you eight treats.

you can also use any other coffee making system of your choice to enjoy our very special coffees.

What our customers say!

Louise Thoburn

Really high quality cakes and coffee. I have really enjoyed going through the variety available to me in the boxes. Great packaging as well and arrived quickly after order. Would definitely recommend.

John Boydell

Looks good when it arrives. The packaging is neat and suggests quality. The coffee and cakes are first class. I was happy to receive it and I’d be very happy to send Coffee & Cakes packs as gifts to friends and clients alike.

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