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4 Tips for Making Coffee While Working From Home

Updated: May 11

Working from home has become the new norm for many people, allowing greater flexibility and convenience. One of the joys of working remotely is being able to make your own coffee just the way you like it. To help you enhance your coffee-making experience while working from home, here are four tips that will elevate your brew and make your workday even more enjoyable.

1. Invest in Quality Ground Coffee:

The foundation of a great cup of coffee starts with high-quality freshly roasted and ground beans. Experiment with different origins and flavour profiles to find your preferred taste. Online coffee subscriptions are a great way to try out a range of premium coffee flavours without the need to leave your home. By using top-notch ground coffee, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the aroma and flavour of your coffee.

2. Explore Various Brewing Methods:

Working from home gives you the opportunity to experiment with different brewing methods beyond your usual routine. Try a pour-over setup like a V60 or explore a more robust, full-bodied taste by using a cafetiere or moka pot. Each brewing method offers a unique flavour profile, allowing you to discover new dimensions of coffee enjoyment.

3. Optimize Water Quality and Temperature:

Water quality plays a significant role in the taste of your coffee. Filtered water is preferable to tap water, as it reduces impurities and chlorine that can affect the flavour. Additionally, pay attention to water temperature. The ideal range for brewing coffee is between 90°C and 96°C. You can get into this temperature range by boiling the water in a kettle and then let is stand until there are no more bubbles, usually 1 or 2 minutes. You might also consider investing in a kettle with temperature control.

4. Create a Coffee Ritual:

Working from home can sometimes blur the lines between work and personal life. Establishing a coffee ritual can help you separate the two and create a sense of routine. Set aside a few minutes each morning to focus on making and enjoying your coffee. It can be as simple as brewing a fresh cup, finding a cosy spot to sit, and savouring the aroma and flavours before the workday begins.


Working from home doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of your coffee. By following these four tips – investing in quality ground coffee, exploring various brewing methods, optimising water quality and temperature, and creating a coffee ritual – you can elevate your coffee experience and make your workdays more enjoyable. So, take a break from your busy schedule, brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee, and savour the little moments that bring joy to your work-from-home routine.


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