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Experience Selection

Experience Selection

VAT Included

Four great coffees and cakes for you to experience.

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    The Coffees


    A vibrant deep body, nurtured through careful roasting, coupled with a soft acidity and luxurious dark golden crema tastes of dark rich chocolate.

    Guatemala Coban

    This coffee has an extraordinary full body which dominates the taste buds tastes with dark chocolate, hazelnuts and dark fruit flavours.

    Kenya AA

    Rich, full bodied and refreshing, with bright acidity tastes of grapes and sweet plum.


    Medium bodied this coffee has an abundance of citrus aroma, with a creamy body that tastes of caramel, hazelnuts and almonds with a zesty & citrusy aroma.


    The Cakes


    A wholesome bar with toasted clusters of granola, packed with cranberries, apricots, toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

    Paradise Flapjack

    A chewy oat bar packed with glace cherries, sultanas and desiccated coconut.

    Biscuit Tiffin

    A handmade biscuit cake with sultanas and glace cherries smothered in milk chocolate.

    Dark Chocolate Brownie

    A rich moist dark chocolate brownie.

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